Venue Farewell


This upcoming Sunday will be the final Venue|68 service before we transition to our new home and join up with the larger church in Asbury’s main sanctuary. I am full of excitement and hope for all that God will do in/through Asbury as we make these major changes, but I’m also– brace yourself– a sensitive guy and am feeling a little nostalgic.

I’ve had many firsts and favorites in my history with the Venue. Here are some highlights:

- In fall 2008, when Emily and I were prayed for and commissioned by the Venue congregation to go serve as missionaries to Honduras

- Playing bass with Ben and Noelle at VenuePM

- Serving with 2nd Saturday and meeting lots of new friends for the first time (that means you, John Lawrance!)

- Being served communion by friends (thinking of you, Arnolds)

- Spring Break mission commissioning every year (those are the best)

- My 1st ever sermon at Asbury. I was so exhausted and my heart wouldn’t stop racing after preaching VenueAM that Emily had to drive me home. I slept for 90 minutes and then went back and preached at VenuePM. Only 25 people came that night.

- Planning/hosting GroupLink those 3x. We STILL meet with our small group from that first GroupLink in January 2011.

- Learning how to be a pastor by watching Todd and Spencer

- Seeing Libby being baptized by Spencer and prayed for by Todd

- Baptizing Sam

- That one time I filled in leading worship at VenuePM, totally forgot the words halfway through a song and stopping to admit it (I didn’t have music up there with me). It was A-Class Awkward

- That time on Palm Sunday when Spencer jokingly told Jim Asbury to lead a Palm Parade and Jim did it (no one followed)

- Baptizing the kids of my friends

- Serving communion for the first times

- That one time I got to lead worship and preach in VenueAM (I don’t want to do that again)

- After Parties from VenuePM

- The BroZone

- Innumerable times of worship together

- Crying on stage every time I touch a microphone

- Throwing a Nerf football around the auditorium with Todd during the week when we needed a break

- Playing Dr Mario w/Todd and Spencer when we needed a break (thanks Dustin for loaning us your NES)

- Playing “Friends” by Michael W Smith when Spencer left and only 4 of us realized it was a joke

- Watching the rows fill up of people who joined groups that I helped start (Rooted, The Team, small groups)

- Getting to know and spend time with tons of volunteers

- Meeting weekly with Dustin Curzon since January 2010

- Walking with friends through miscarriages, new babies, marriages, job transitions

- Learning who I am as a follower of Christ and as a pastor

- That one Super Bowl Party that hardly anyone came to (the Beltrans were there!)

- Chris Cleveland’s haircut

- Seeing people meet Jesus for the first time

- Baptizing new Christians in our cheap little kiddy pool

- Scrambling to pull together services at the last minute and trying to make them look planned

- Praying with the worship team in the prayer room before service

- Hugging people in the church that I wouldn’t have known apart from this context. Such a rich sense of belonging and affection

- Getting to pray in the middle of service. I’ve always loved this part

- Trying to force my way into worship planning before I had an official role. Todd and Spencer would (jokingly, right?) tell me to put on headphones while they met with Chris and Tim during planning in the BroZone

- Our incredible volunteers. I love the camaraderie we share in serving Christ together each week

- That one time that Spencer was carrying a stack of receipts to or from the main building (can’t remember) and watching him scramble when the wind picked them up. Todd and I didn’t offer to help, but we did laugh

- The Ben and Noelle “Sacred Songs” album release

- Getting to play random instruments from time to time– bass, mandolin, acoustic, electric, etc.

- Anointing the congregation w/oil several times

- Praying for God’s healing for friends w/the prayer team

- When Spencer, Todd, Chris, Ben and I organized a team for the church basketball league. The Green team. We had 17 people. Someone got in a fight almost every game. 2 torn ACL’s. I went to the emergency room after the first game w/heart issues. The last game of the season was called halfway through b/c of a fight. We all bought matching Converse All Star Weapons (AKA Larry Bird’s) from Shoe Gypsy


I’m sure that I can think of more favorites. What are some of yours? What memories of Venue|68 will you carry with you?


June 16 Sermon Scriptures & Notes


I referenced a ton of Scripture in my sermon on part 3 of the Apostle’s Creed. Below are all of the texts I mentioned and a PDF manuscript, should you for some odd reasons desire it.

Scripture (in order of appearance in the sermon):

Acts 1:6-11

Matthew 28:18

Acts 2:32-33, 36

Revelation 5

Hebrews 10:10-12

Romans 3:23

Romans 6:23

2 Thessalonians 1:5-10

Matthew 25:31-33

Romans 8:1

2 Peter 3:9

Romans 10:9

1 John 1:9

Click HERE for a PDF of my sermon notes.


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